Automated CyberSecurity Documentation for The Board

ScryberSecurity is a leading New York based cybersecurity analytics firm.
They analyse your security framework, automates the creation of your cybersecurity
documentation and even respond fast to changing environment

The Code Shop is handling the website for scrybersecurity and advising
on the web application framework required to fulfil their clients' technical needs.
We have built an exception quality website in the matter of days with high quality content.

"The Code Shop produced a polished and professional website for my new cybersecurity business.
Their team truly go above and beyond. They use their expertise to guide you
on what works and looks best, paying close attention to your desired site functions and target audience.
Every feature was perfectly executed, and the entire experience was hassle free.
They were extremely efficient and detail-oriented in incorporating feedback.
Most noticeable is that they are extremely responsive throughout the process and keep you up to date
on the status of the project so you can see the pieces coming together.
I would highly recommended them to anyone looking to get off the ground; the right way."

Dolly Krishnaswamy, CEO ScryberSecurity, New York

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